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Sweet Costo Kitchen this week //

Send me an email ( sweetcosto@gmail.com ) to place your order!

Feel free to email me with any questions.

Let me know what you'd like to order, I offer free pickup from Lakewood on Saturdays or my delivery radius is within 30 minutes of Lakewood for an additional $20! 

I will reply within 24 hours, your order is only confirmed once you hear from me.  

I will update this page when I stop taking orders for the week.


All orders must be placed by Thursday if you're looking for Friday or Saturday pickup/delivery!

Cookie Dough

Must be within 20 minutes of Lakewood

Comes with baking instructions!

$15 delivered

C3 (browned butter chocolate chip cookie)

Browned butter dough studded with milk & dark chocolate!

*Can be shipped*

1/2 dozen - $12 shipped

$10 delivered

1 dozen - $20 shipped

$17 delivered

Red Wine Brownies

Decadent red wine infused brownie topped with red wine ganache.

6 for $20 delivered

6 for $24 shipped

Mini Occasion Cake

Perfect for Social Distance Birthdays or just getting through another Monday.

Serves 2-4

Chocolate or Vanilla

$25 delivered within 20 minutes of Lakewood


Caramelized whiskey // salted caramel infused with bourbon GF

Raspberry // local raspberry compote in the center (optional addition of Grand Marnier) with orange zested buttercream


Must be within 20 minutes of Lakewood

12 for $20

6 for $15

delivery only

email me, Shelby, at sweetcosto@gmail.com to place your order!

Sweet Costo

bar bakes

just a girl from the 216 with

whiskey soaked dreams





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