How to Place an Order

I am THRILLED that you want to work with me!


starts at $35


minimum of 2 dozen

starts at $40


$14 a pint


custom orders have a minimum of $30

Since this is a one woman show I take a very limited number of orders outside of large batch offerings, like holiday menus, so the sooner you can place your order the better!

I specialize in alcohol-infused & paired desserts but am open to things outside of that box.  I work with each client 1 on 1 to create a custom sweet experience that's perfect for your specific occasion.

We can start that process together via email

Some helpful things to include in that initial email - the date you need your dessert, your budget, what you're looking for (cake, cookies, open to anything!), and some design inspo if that's relevant.  I've linked my Instagram below so you can check out my latest creations but Pinterest is also a great place to gather inspiration!

I've included some basic pricing categorized by type of dessert.  Those numbers are subject to change depending on how many people you're looking to serve & the art work involved.  

If you have any questions or have no idea what you're looking for just email me & we can talk it through!



Sweet Costo

bar bakes

just a girl from the 216 with

whiskey soaked dreams





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